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Sochi, The Land Of Genocide

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Sochi, The Land of Genocide

All the world should remember tragedy of Caucasian nations, when Abkhazians, Adygs, Kabardians, Circassians, Georgians, Kubani Noghais, Bzhedugs, Abadzekhs, Abazins, Karachays, Ossetians, Chechens, Ingushians, Dagestani peoples were killed and sent in exile to Turkey and other Asiatic states. Thousands of these people were forced to abandon their motherland and meet their demise at the strange land. This was genocide, genocide of indigene Caucasian nations made by bloody Russian Empire.
Today, Russian Empire goes on with its imperialistic activities. 2014 Sochi Winter Olympiad is announced to be in Sochi, city and region where Ubykhs, Shapsugs and other Circassian tribes were forcibly evicted from. Nor USSR, neither RF has not recognized the genocide of these people and taken responsibility to return the descendants of Muhajirs to their homeland. On the contrary, they are trying to hold 2014 Winter Olympiad on the bones of Circassians, on the land of tragedy which is watered with the blood of Circassians and not only.
Thus, let’s call world community to recognize the Genocide of the Caucasian Nations in XIX century and protest 2014 Winter Olympiad in Sochi!


Do Not Sing To Imperialism

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Eurovision 2009 – Song Contest is going to be held in Moscow, in the capital of imperialism.
Such arrangement should not be released in Moscow, as Russia is aggressor, imperialistic state, which has invaded small Georgia in August, 2008 and legalized its aggression with the recognizing of two break-away regions: Abkhazia and Tskhinvali.
Russia is a state which aspires to restore USSR and get all neighboring countries under its rule.
Russia is a state which has occupied more then 20% of territories of the independent Georgia.
Eurovision is a cultural event, creative arrangement, its an expression of art, so no creativity, no art should support an imperialism anytime and anywhere.
Georgian singers should not participate at Eurovision 2009, as it is case of dignity, but nobody should take the part in this activities as well, as it means the support of imperialism.
Georgian Civil Protest” has published the petition, concerning above-mentioned issues.
“IMP-ARA” joins this petition and appeals to GPB and the Georgian singers for changing their mind about the participation in Eurovision 2009.


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Stop Terorizing Ingush People!

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Get Ruined Russian Imperialism!

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Stop Google!

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As we know Russian Imperialistic Government has recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia, two breakaway regions of Georgia as the independent states. Russian Aggression and Invasion in Georgia was followed with this illegal act. But Imperialistic Russia is alone with its decisions, civilized world does not support them, so nobody should as well!

Google has inserted Abkhazia and South Ossetia in its list of independent states accordingly we blame this event and appeal to owners of Google not to support the Russian Imperialism and cancel two indivisible part of Georgia from its list of the Independent States!